Friday, March 05, 2010

The TSA wants you dead

When the TSA first introduced the concept of Whole Body Imaging, since renamed Advanced Imaging Technology, there were many complaints. Many moral, legal, and constitutional issues were raised as to why Whole Body Imaging was a very bad idea. There were also safety concerns, but it was pointed out that if the topic is confined to milimeter waves then they are actually safe.

It was also pointed out that said explanation does not apply to backscatter x-ray technology.

It was explained that one of them was non-ionizing radiation, heat radiation. The other is ionizing radiation, cumulative radiation. One of them is safe because the only danger is in dosage and the moment the source is removed the exposure is over. The other is unsafe because each exposure adds to previous exposures, which is why doctors try to be sparing in the use of x-rays.

So what does the TSA do in response? The TSA is expanding the use of backscatter. Not mmw, but backscatter.

It is bad enough that the TSA has a perverted desire to strip search all passengers, on the premise that we are all criminals who have not yet been caught. It is bad enough that the TSA is going to use this same technology on children in violation of child pornography laws. But now the TSA has decided that in addition to violating our own fourth and fifth amendment rights that THEY WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE CANCER.

And the ironic point is that these security measures aren't effective to anyone wearing leather.

These questions were posted on the TSA blog, but the primary blogger - Blogger Bob - has not been willing to answer any questions on this subject.

How long until this abomination of an agency is dismantled and the employees are put on trial for treason? The Nuremberg defense is not supposed to be admissible in any court, and whatever constitutional basis there may have been in theory for this agency has long ago eroded by the TSA's unconstitutional terrorist activities in practice.


weaklyflyer said...

Just a heads up Ayn, the good old TSA pretends that the links from your blog don't exist. You basically get a 404 error when you click on the links. However, when I went to the blog post, I could easily locate your posting. I even copied both links into my text editor and confirmed they were identical.

More security through obscurity or more incompetence?

Ayn R. Key said...

It's a problem linking directly to comments in the blog entry. I had to edit the links. I cannot figure why this would not work, but apparently it is so. When I link to the entry itself there is no problem, and if I've recently been to the comment then the link to the comment works.

Phil said...

I've observed TSA's blog to malfunction like this from the start. If you first browse to the main page for a post, you'll be able to browse directly to a particular comment for a period of time afterward.