Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3-D Printed Handguns

It is clear, and has been for some time, that 3-D printers are going to destroy the entire “gun control” effort to disarm people. In order to assuage the fears of gun owners, gun prohibitionists have ensured that their laws only forbid the sale, purchase, gift, or inheritance of firearms, but not the ownership itself. How one is supposed to own a firearm without the ability to receive it is a mystery that is self-explanatory.

The 3-D printers therefore find the large loophole in the entire gun prohibitionist effort. People with a 3-D printer do not need to purchase or inherit a firearm. They can make the weapons themselves, and these firearms do not contain any traceable serial numbers that would enable the government to determine who had purchased firearms in the past.

While this is leaving most progressive hoplophobes confused, some are taking an interesting line to attack the 3-D printed firearms. They are deriding these firearms on the grounds that these firearms are fragile and of very low quality. If used seriously they would not last long.

This is a fascinating attack. It is analogous to saying that since Gutenberg’s press could only print twelve lines per page there is no way it would ever evolve into the modern newspaper and book publishing industry. Babbage’s difference engine is much too slow to handle millions of calculations per second.

The printing press and the difference engine did indeed improve after they were first invented by Gutenberg and Baggabe, which is why there is now the internet in which people can access phenomenal amounts of information instantly.

The same is true of the 3-D printer. It is in its earliest stages of development, which means that the current printer is much like a twenty line printing press. Those who deride the quality of the 3-D printed firearms are effectively saying that it is no use to develop the technology any farther much like it was not useful to develop the movable type printer.

Yes, the current printed firearm is not as of high quality as a manufactured firearm. That does not mean it will always be not as of high quality.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the powers that be will never allow 3-D guns to be legally printed. The first thing that they will do is to pass a law outlawing such a thing and then go after owners of printers demanding regular and surprise home inspections to make sure that they aren't doing any gun manufacturing. If they even suspect that an individual is doing so then they will get a judge to sign off on a warrant and then raid the home. Then the poor SOB will receive the absolute maximum penalty for the manufacturing just as they currently do with minor technical violations of the IRS.

Ayn R. Key said...

They won't allow it, they can't stop it. As more and more people get these printers, it will be harder and harder to keep track of all the home printers.

I could use my regular home printer to print seditious libel or threats against elected officials. Officers are not beating down the doors of everyone with a printer to verify that said information isn't being printed.

Jake Roberts said...

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