Monday, December 26, 2016

The Puzzle of Trump

Anyone familiar with Austrian Economics can see the direction the economy is going, and know that it is not a good direction. Anyone familiar with Libertarian Politics can figure out how most politicians are going to try to fix the economy, and how those solutions will not work.

That applies to almost every career politician, as they have long records showing where they stand on the issues. What they say doesn't matter nearly as much as what they do, especially since the two are often at odds and what they do has the most direct and relevant impact.

Trump has no such record. Guesses can be made, but he doesn't have a record of public service and his statements can be construed to cover almost any possible position.

There are two things that can be known for sure. The first is from the closest he has to a record, which is his very long record of friendship with the Clinton family before he dared to oppose her for the presidency. The second is the advisors he is surrounding himself with, which are very traditional Republican. The two indicators are, unfortunately, opposite, which makes reading Trump even more difficult.

It is still a given that economic trends are not good, but what might be done about these trends is very difficult to determine.

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