Monday, March 13, 2017

Why does Social Justice embrace Islam?

One of the more confusing aspects of the Social Justice movement is the embrace of Islam, and a fight against “Islamophobia”. In Canada there are competing resolutions, one offered by the liberals that specifically names Islamophobia as something the government opposes, and one offered by the conservatives that only includes crimes against individuals based on their religion. The liberal resolution is interesting, because it is specifically an attack on a set of beliefs and not actions based on any particular beliefs.

The Women’s March featured two speakers / organizers, both of whom may be considered questionable. One was a woman who has been found guilty of raping and murdering a man. The other was a woman who states that Islam is the most feminist friendly religion and that Sharia Law is feminist. This is the same set of law that states that women must be covered, that women are the property of men, that adult men can marry pre-pubescent girls. This is considered a belief system highly compatible with feminism.

Social Justice is opposed to the patriarchy, specifically the white cis heteronormative patriarchy. Why then would these people advocate tolerance for and acceptance of Islam? And where do they classify, given that religion isn’t listed in the progressive stack?

The roots of this can be found in the campaigns of Hillary Clinton. Her two attempts to run for President of the United States can be considered the basis of Social Justice acceptance of Islam. It started with Occupy Wall Street, which was supposed to be a protest about financial activities by the major financial corporations and their deep ties with government. It was subverted into a movement about social justice and ultimately destroyed from within. Then it was replaced by the forced movement Black Lives Matter.

Once a movement about finance was replaced with more identity politics, there was one problem left for the Hillary Clinton campaign to solve, and that was her large donations from countries that have very repressive laws against many of the minorities she claims to represent. Given that in predominantly Muslim countries there are harsh laws that repress women and harsher laws that result in the death of anyone who is not cisgender and heterosexual. It was necessary for the Hillary Clinton campaign to cast Muslims in predominantly Christian countries as minorities. The Syrian refugee crisis was a perfect vehicle for this, in spite of the trouble European countries are having with a rape epidemic committed by refugees from African and Middle Eastern countries.

Through the close ties between the Hillary Clinton campaign, most media outlets, and many identity politics groups, acceptance of Muslims as an oppressed minority group was forced downward. Now all over the Western world, from Europe to North America to Australia, female Muslims are expressing the idea that Islam is the most feminist and progressive religion. This is in spite of all the ample evidence to the contrary, and anyone who dares say this is considered oppressive.

Islam isn't a race, it is a religion. A religion is a set of beliefs. It is not an act of oppression to analyze and criticize a set of beliefs. Fear of a set of beliefs should never be considered a crime in any free society, even if that fear is irrational, which is not to suggest that anyone desiring freedom should lack concern about Islam. For women, homosexuals, and transsexuals to defend Islam is, however, quite irrational.